November 13th, 2019

Be that successful team

Successful teams don't happen by accident. They are built by strong leaders who understand what makes a team successful and who are interested in working with the team to ensure success and results are delivered on an ongoing basis.

There are many ingredients that need to be considered when building a strong, successful team. The key ingredients include:

Vision - it must be clear so that every member of the team understands what they need to achieve and how it fits into the bigger picture/strategy. Having this clear understanding helps people to see how their individual objectives and day to day activity fits with the overarching team strategy.

Skills - it is important to identify what skills are needed to ensure success and the right team mix is established at the outset. Complementary skills in strategy development, operational delivery and technical expertise will be important as will strong interpersonal skills across the team.

Authentic leadership - having a leader who has the ability to inspire, provide support and generate commitment and a sense of responsibility within the team will be critical to ensuring that it is cohesive and can withstand the challenges and obstacles that will be faced. Building and maintaining an environment where team members feel valued, are able to contribute effectively, have a sense of community and fun will be key to ensuring team success.

Is your team set up for success today?

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