Mary MurrayHi, my name is Mary Murray and welcome to my blog.  I work as an Executive Coach specialising in one to one coaching, leadership development, team development and facilitation.  

My coaching programmes provide senior managers and leaders with a means to tackle business goals, challenges, short to medium term issues whilst also enabling longer term personal and professional development.

Sustainable improvements in business performance and long term business effectiveness are some of the key results reported by senior managers and leaders. Learn more.


September 27th, 2019

Leader today, Authentic Leader tomorrow

Authenticity is the "State of being committed to the truth."  "An authentic leader is a person who chooses to live a life of integrity. They are not only honest in relationship with other..

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July 19th, 2019

10 tips to make the most of your first 100 days

As a new Prime Minister prepares to step into the role, it's important that they get off to a flying start.  The same can be said for any new leader whether it be middle, senior or C-suite ..

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June 13th, 2019

The power of emotional intelligence in the workplace

"Emotions can lead to our worst decisions or our best ones; the difference is emotional intelligence" Emotional intelligence has twice the power of IQ to predict performance.  Emotional in..

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April 10th, 2019

Finding time for yourself...

Few people, these days, would disagree with the theory that it's crucial to take time for yourself.  Creating some space for enjoyment and restoration each day, or at least every week, is a..

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March 8th, 2019

Strenthening your leadership style

Strong leaders don't just show up every day with a mask on hiding their true authenticity and going through the motions to get the job done.  Their emotional leadership style of awa..

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February 8th, 2019

Showing up in an authentic way

Being authentic can be scary because it exposes you in ways that can make you feel vulnerable with others.  It can be easy to think that people will judge you, which can make you feel fearful..

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